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Media Consultants is available 24/7 to respond during a major emergency to set up a NIMS-compatible Joint Information Center, serve as your Assistant PIO or JIC Manager, and coordinate with local, state, federal and non-government organizations participating in a NIMS Incident/Unified/Area Command System organization.

In addition, Media Consultants offers the following consulting services:

  • Media Spokesperson training with On-Camera Interview practice
  • Crisis Communications Plan development and improvements
  • Drill and exercise design, facilitation, role-play and evaluation
  • Family Notification and Assistance Plans for Human Resources use during a fatality or injury
  • Media and Stakeholder contact database development and updates
  • Video production of emergency management, safety and training videos
  • Media monitoring of traditional print, radio, television and social media sites.

You can obtain more information about any of these services by calling 281-980-1400.

You can download the latest "NIMS Training Grid of Required Courses" from our "Links" page.